Professional Development

Professional Development

Introduction to Seafarers’ Ministry 

ICMA offers regular educational programmes for its members.  Among them is an introduction to seafarers’ ministry course that includes online and in-class elements.  The 2018 class was held in Hamburg, Germany.

Participants can be either lay or ordained.  The course is available to persons who minister to merchant seafarers in ports.  Participants should be nominated or their application should be endorsed by an ICMA society. Preferably applicants should be recently assigned professional workers in the seafarers’ ministry.

The core modules of the training are:

  • Pastoral care
  • Advocacy
  • Ecumenism
  • Intercultural communication

Please contact our General Secretary for further information on ICMA’s professional development programmes for port chaplains.

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ICMA’s Committee for the Professional Development of Port Chaplaincy

ICMA has set up a committee that:

  • Helps to assess the training needs of ICMA’s members
  • Helps to initiate the development of training material and learning experiences
  • Advises the Executive Committee on professional development of chaplains through educational programmes and training events
  • Oversees the ICMA’s accreditation and certification of courses and training material appropriate to seafarers’ ministry

For further information about ICMA professional development  or about financial support and scholarships for ICMA training, contact the ICMA general secretary.

The Committee for the Professional Development of Port Chaplaincy evaluates training modules to ensure quality of both content and presentation.  Courses that comply with ICMA’s guidelines for accreditation are given our seal of approval.  The Guidelines attached here will explain to you how you could submit your own course modules for accreditation.

CLICK HERE for the Guidelines for ICMA accreditation.

For more information and personal assistance on developing your own training material for ICMA and having it accredited, contact the ICMA General Secretary.

The following course has been accredited by ICMA:

  • Seafarers’ Environmental Education Workshop for Port Chaplains and Ship Visitors (SCI NY & NJ)