Regional Conference Toolkit

The ICMA Regional Conference Toolkit has been prepared to assist ICMA regional co-ordinators and their teams in organising regional conferences

The toolkit includes:

•    ICMA conference manual (PDF 899KB)
•    templates of important documents and letters

ICMA conference manual
The manual brings together the experience of ICMA’s current regional co-ordinators. It is designed to help you through the process of planning, organising and running your ICMA regional conference.

Click here to download the ICMA conference manual (PDF 899KB)

Templates of important documents and letters
These documents are available here as PDFs. Editable Word/Excel versions are available from the ICMA Secretariat. Click on “Contact us” on the menu on the left side of the page.




In time we plan to add:

  • Examples from previous regional conferences
  • Election procedure for appointing regional coordinators
  • A timetable that can help you to meet the deadlines for your next conference.

We welcome comments and suggestions from ICMA regional coordinators, past and present.