ICMA regions




For operational reasons ICMA’s world is divided into regions.¬† Regions are formed by ICMA members who come together locally to coordinate their ministries in the region.¬† Regions are¬† acknowledged as ICMA structures when the Association agrees that

  • the region displays enthusiasm for ecumenical working
  • has had some experience of upholding ecumenical relations successfully
  • the ecumenical relations include all of ICMA’s members who work in the region
  • the region has been sensibly set up

Click here to download a list of ICMA regions and the countries included in each region


Regional conferences

Click here to download the ICMA Regional Conference Frequency Planner, updated February 2013 (PDF 30KB)


Regional co-ordinators

Western Africa

Edward Gbe, Liberia,  revfredgbe@yahoo.com

Southern Africa

Steve van Schalkwyk, South Africa,  steve.vanschalkwyk@gmail.com

East Asia

Currently Vacant

Northern Europe

Wolfgang Pautz-Wilhelm, Finland   mantyluoto@seemannsmission.org

Mediterranean, Black Sea and Middle East

Oleksandr Smerechynskyy  fralexod@ukr.net

Regional Bulletin June 2012

Regional Bulletin November 2011

Regional Bulletin April 2011

Regional Bulletin November 2010

Regional Bulletin July 2010

Regional Bulletin April 2010

Regional Bulletin December 09

Regional Bulletin July 09

Western Europe


United Kingdom and Ireland

Alex Campbell, alexcampbell@qvsr.org.uk

Northern America

Dr. Jason Zuidema,  jason.zuidema@namma.org


Cesare Ciceri, Brazil, peciceri@hotmail.com
ICMA’s members in Brazil co-operate within the Brazilian Christian Maritime Ministry Committee


Other ecumenical regional operations run by ICMA members


ICMA’s members in India co-operate within the Ecumenical Maritime Ministry of India

Anthony Baliswamy, India,  ecumenicalmaritimeministry@gmail.com

Click here for the full report of the June 2010 meeting of EMMI:

EMMI Chennai Meeting Report June 2010