ICMA regions




For operational reasons ICMA’s world is divided into regions.¬† Regions are formed by ICMA members who come together locally to coordinate their ministries in the region.¬† Regions are¬† acknowledged as ICMA structures when the Association agrees that

  • the region displays enthusiasm for ecumenical working
  • has had some experience of upholding ecumenical relations successfully
  • the ecumenical relations include all of ICMA’s members who work in the region
  • the region has been sensibly set up

Click here to download a list of ICMA regions and the countries included in each region


Regional conferences

Click here to download the ICMA Regional Conference Frequency Planner, updated February 2013 (PDF 30KB)


Regional co-ordinators

Western Africa

Edward Gbe, Liberia,  revfredgbe@yahoo.com

Southern Africa

Steve van Schalkwyk, South Africa,  steve.vanschalkwyk@gmail.com

East Asia

Currently Vacant

Northern Europe

Wolfgang Pautz-Wilhelm, Finland   mantyluoto@seemannsmission.org

Mediterranean, Black Sea and Middle East

Oleksandr Smerechynskyy  fralexod@ukr.net


Western Europe

Rev. Marc Schippers, MSchippers@sailors-society.org

United Kingdom and Ireland

Alex Campbell, alexcampbell@qvsr.org.uk

Northern America

Dr. Jason Zuidema,  jason.zuidema@namma.org


Cesare Ciceri, Brazil, peciceri@hotmail.com
ICMA’s members in Brazil co-operate within the Brazilian Christian Maritime Ministry Committee


Other ecumenical regional operations run by ICMA members


ICMA’s members in India co-operate within the Ecumenical Maritime Ministry of India

Anthony Baliswamy, India,  ecumenicalmaritimeministry@gmail.com

Click here for the full report of the June 2010 meeting of EMMI:

EMMI Chennai Meeting Report June 2010