ICMA World Conference, Hamburg 2011

The tenth ICMA World Conference was held in Hamburg 19-23 August 2011.


A selection of  the presentations from the conference are available to download here. For more information about each presentation, please consult the conference programme by clicking the link below.

Press release

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Saturday 20 August, afternoon

Heide Gerstenberger, Economic Developments in the Shipping Industry (PDF 119 KB)

Sunday 21 August, afternoon

David Rider, ICMA Programmes on Piracy, presentation (PDF 6819 KB)

David Rider, ICMA Programmes on Piracy, guidelines (PDF 86 KB)

Peter Swift, Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (PDF 1609 KB)

Ken Peters, ICMA members’ responses to piracy (PDF 1.03 MB)

Monday 22 August, morning

Andy Buxton, Seafarerhelp – the International Seafarers Assistance Network (PDF 1.06 MB)

Antje Heider-Rottwilm, Christian Organisations Worldwide Encountering Diversity (PDF 80 KB)

Hennie la Grange, Maritime Theology & the Reality of ICMA (PDF 358 KB)

Wolfram Weisse, Interreligious Communication (PowerPoint 1.7MB)



The theme of the conference is “Promoting Seafarers’ Dignity”. Below is a brief outline of the conference programme. The full programme can be downloaded by following the link underneath.

  • 19 August: ecumenical service, opening dinner and keynote address
  • 20 August: understanding the workplace, the maritime industry
  • 21 August: understanding seafarers, their families and their needs
  • 22 August: understanding each other, working together
  • 23 August: ecumenical service and departure after lunch

23 August 2011, afternoon: ICMA Annual General Meeting

23 August 2011, afternoon & evening:  ICMA Executive Committee Meeting

Click here to download the full conference programme (PDF 746 KB)