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Regional Conference commits to priorities for ministry

The final report from the ICMA Regional Conference held in Odessa concludes with a set of statements by the delegates that underline the region’s commitment to caring for the welfare of seafarers. The outgoing Regional Coordinator, AOS Deacon Ricardo Rodriguez Martos from Barcelona, Spain, wrote that the region was committed to pursue the following goals […]

Twinning… or dating for seafarers’ centres!

The twinning of seafarers’s centres, a project currently run by the newly established ISWAN, was initially intended by ICSW to connect ex-Soviet Union centres with centres elsewhere in the world.  Set up to improve understanding of the the mindset of Slavonic seafarers, and to inspire hospitality to foreign seafarers in Eastern European ports, the Twinning […]

Tool to keep fit

“Training on Board”, a new website to help seafarers keep fit was launched by the International Committee for Seafarers Welfare (ICSW) this week.  The website was developed by the Norwegian Maritime Authority and is supported by the ITF Seafarers Trust. The site provides physical training programmes for seafarers designed by a professional physiotherapist, Mona Woll […]

We are connected

“Even if we do not meet in person in the near future, we are connected through the many seafarers, who tell about our ports and seafarers’ mission.” In her contemplation of lessons learnt and friendships forged at the Seafarers Ministry Training held this year in Barcelona, SMT student Kerstin Schefe of the Deutsche Seemannsmission remembers the […]

Africa trains seafarers of the future

With African economies bucking the trend and showing 7% growth, the continent is looking to become a significant resource of seafarers.  The initiative comes at a time of concern in the industry for recruitment and retention. The South African government has taken the initiative in training seafarers and are recruiting students from Africa for its […]

Seafarers’ wellness programme

Johan Smith, port chaplain of ICMA member the Christian Seaman’s Organisation has devised a wellness programme to train seafarers.   He is currently presenting a pilot of the training programme in collaboration with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town.  The training is expected to be eventually rolled out internationally.   Johan Smith […]

Register for the 2013 Houston Chaplains School

The Houston International Seafarers Centres and the North American Maritime Ministry Association (NAMMA) have invited registrations for the 2013 Houston Maritime Ministry Training Program. Houston presents an annual training program for recently appointed port chaplains.  This training program focuses mostly on chaplains in the ports of the North America continent. The 2013 training is planned […]

Collaboration on Seafarers Mental Health

ICMA affiliated organisations the Stella Maris Centre and the Mission to Seafarers Victoria in the Port of Melbourne, Australia, have collaborated with the Rotary Club, the Melbourne Port Welfare Association and beyondblue, a national initiative dealing with depression, to set up a website on the mental health of seafarers. The website contains background information on […]

Seafarers Ministry Training 2012 announced

The Chair of ICMA’s Standing Committee on Training and Education (SCET) and coordinator of Seafarers Ministry Training (SMT) Reverend Martina Platte has announced the dates of  this year’s SMT: 28 October to 10 November 2012. The SMT is an annual educational programme soon to be accredited by ICMA.  It stretches over two weeks.  Its participants […]

ICMA accredits its first training course

ICMA proudly announces the accreditation of its first training course, The Seafarers’ Environmental Education Workshop for Port Chaplains and Ship Visitors. Originally developed by ICMA member the Seamen’s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey, ICMA’s Standing Committee for Education and Training (SCET) have approved and endorsed the course for presentation to ICMA personnel.  […]



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