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A Hijacking

To be able to say that Kapringen – A Hijacking is good as a film, would be a fitting tribute to the seafarers and the shipping company whom it depicts.  In fact, it is a very good film indeed. The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) presented a pre-screening of Kapringen – A Hijacking in […]

Chaplains: common sense, not therapy

Chaplains’ responses to seafarers affected by piracy requires common sense, not therapy.  Pastors should be professional in fulfilling their limited but crucial role, and establish themselves as a vital resource.   The ICMA Regional Conference in Odessa was addressed by the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme.  Toon van de Sande delivered a paper to raise awareness […]

Award dedicated to the determination of piracy survivors

The Iceberg 1 crew “represent the spirit of seafarers’ determination to continue their maritime careers after this experience (of piracy)” MPHRP stated at its acceptance of the Sailor Today annual award for seafarers welfare in India.  The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme has been recognised for excellence in caring for seafarers after piracy.  The maritime […]

Another ship released, 26 crew freed

The Shipping Tribune reports that Somali pirates last week released the Smyrni. The Smyrni, believed to be fully laden with crude oil, has a 26-member crew.  It is now believed to be sailing up the Arabian Sea, destination unknown.  But an official at the Omani port of Salalah told Platts that the “pirate-released” Smyrni is […]

Responding to piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Chaplains from the ICMA West Africa Region have expressed concern about the postponement of the Regional Conference as piracy in the region escalates.   Pirates have boarded another ship off the coast of Nigeria’s oil region, the latest in a string of attacks in the area.  It was reported that an unknown number of foreigners […]

You can help foster resilience to piracy

We can help seafarers be more resilient to pirate attacks.  This is the view of Dr.  Michael Stuart Garfinkle of SCI who has published the first clinical study of piracy’s effect on seafarers. Better coordination to enhance resilience, identifying resources available to seafarers and improved  access to those resources would go a long way to reduce […]

Professionalism in delivering care

The International Christian Maritime Association commends its members’ chaplains on responding swiftly and with professionalism to the calls of the industry and our partners to help seafarers. The ICMA Secretariat has, in the past few days received several requests from our partners and in one case from a shipping company, to deliver welfare services to […]

Preventing piracy is better than dealing with its effects

The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme has invited ICMA to attend its seminar on piracy planned for 5th February 2013 in Seoul.  The seminar is presented in collaboration with NATO Shipping Centre. The workshop is themed “Prevention is better than Cure”. In a statement on the workshop, the MPHRP Steering Group Chair, Peter Swift, said: […]

150 seafarers (minus 22!) will spend Christmas with pirates… as Iceberg 1 crew is freed

The surviving Iceberg crew has been freed by Somali troops!  The BBC announced the release on Sunday 23rd December. The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has welcomed the news of the release of the 22 crew members on the Iceberg 1 after 1000 days in captivity in Somalia. Peter Swift, Chairman of Maritime Piracy […]

West African piracy: different but the same…

West African piracy more resembles transnational organised crime with more sophisticated vessels and weapons compared to that of East Africa. But are these shorter-term, but potentially more violent, crimes more or less traumatic for seafarers?  The Rev. David M. Rider, President & Executive Director of Seamens Church Institute of New York and New Jersey (SCI) reported on a […]



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