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ICMA Partners for World Wide Vehicle SURVEY 2015

EMAILSurvey starts today from ICMA and NAMMA with email call for help to centers worldwide. The ITF Seafarers’ Trust – which often pays for vehicles for seafarers’ welfare bodies and missions – has announced it will be surveying vehicle use and effectiveness so as to use its grants as effectively as possible. The Trust will be partnering in the program between now and mid-September with ICMA, and through the contact network of The North American Maritime Ministry Association (NAMMA).

The Rev. Richard Kilgour, General Secretary of ICMA, said that ‘we support the gathering of information in this way for planning years ahead to target funds to best effect for vehicle replacement. That ICMA has been asked to help with data gathering is another example of how we are partners in this work.” The Seafarers Trust has provided over GPB 2.5 Mil for this purpose over the last 34 years. This survey program will provide up to date information that will help make grant-giving in the future more fair and equitable to the service providers.

Dr. Jason Zuidema, Executive Director of NAMMA, called attention to this project’s importance: “Those seeking excellence in seafarers’ welfare know that partnerships are important. Collaborating on this project is not just practical, but it again celebrates the beautiful connection that members in local ports have with the Seafarers’ Trust.”

Richard Kilgour. General Secretary ICMA

Memorial Service for loss of life at sea including those of the tragedy of the MV Cemfjiord

Sunday 18th January Rev Richard Kilgour, the General Secretary of ICMA plans to attend the memorial service to be held at the Episcopal Church of St John the Evangelist, Wick, Scotland. The service will include prayers in memory of those lost at sea. The Rev Tim Tunley Mission to Seafarers Scotland will also preach the sermon. Mr Kilgour who is presently based in Glasgow has emphasised that ‘standing in solidarity in this way is the least we can do at such a time as this with those who suffer the raw emotions of such loss’. ICMA members like the Mission to Seafarers and their fellow-workers in the world wide networks of seafarers’ welfare have responded once again to meet the needs of people affected by tragedy.

IMO announcement: World Maritime Day 2015
As the ICMA working-group on professional development bring forward comprehensive proposals for establishing an ‘Institute for Seafarers’ Welfare Studies’ it is a welcome announcement from the Secertary-General Koji Sekimizu of the IMO that this year training and education are themes for World Maritime Day. The press release reads:
“IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu has launched this year’s World Maritime Day theme, “Maritime education and training”, telling students and staff at the World Maritime University (WMU) that maritime education and training was essential for the long-term sustainability of the sector, both at sea and on-shore.

“Effective standards of training remain the bedrock of a safe and secure shipping industry, which needs to preserve the quality, practical skills and competence of qualified human resources,” Mr. Sekimizu said, adding that the 2015 World Maritime Day theme provided the opportunity to highlight the importance to everybody, not just within the shipping industry, of there being sufficient quantity and quality maritime education and training available to meet the sector’s needs, now and into the future. “

ICMA general Secretary Rev Richard Kilgour as a member of the working-group on professional development has commented ‘the themes for World Maritime Day are setting out to highlight the importance of the highest standards of education and training in the maritime world. The progress towards an Institute for Seafarers Welfare Studies is building upon the reputation of ICMA for delivering professional training and development at many levels for seafarer welfare practitioners.

IMO announcement of Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry – President of World Maritime University

ICMA welcomes the recent announcement from the IMO that Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry is to be the new President of the World Maritime University (WMU) from July 2015.
With her extensive experience with respect the formation and delivery of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006; Dr Doumbia-Henry clearly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new post. The significant level of world-class scholarship, learning and research provided by the WMU plays an essential role at the forefront of graduate studies in maritime life.
Fr Bruno Ciceri; chairman of ICMA comments on the announcement that ‘the reputation of the expertise and excellence of Dr Doumbia-Henry is known to many who have worked for many years with her in the area of maritime welfare and seafarers rights with particular regard to the Maritime Labour Conventions. We wish Dr Doumbia-Henry and the World Maritime University every success for the future.’

Announcement: ICMA Appoints New General Secretary

At its Executive Committee and Annual General Meeting in Copenhagen on September 20, ICMA was pleased to announce the appointment of a new General Secretary — the Very Rev Richard Kilgour, presently serving as Provost of the Episcopal Cathedral in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Mr. Kilgour will begin in January 2015.  A press release about this exciting appointment can be found here.

To watch a video interview of Richard, click above or here.


Upon hearing of the devastation ICMA members and chaplains continue to increased efforts to be present in centers and ports when a ship arrives. The ICMA Directory has been updated as information is received, and coordination of relief efforts began almost immediately.

The following items of information will be helpful to all ICMA members and centers.

1)     ISWAN will coordinate the response effort and liaise with maritime medics, ministers, those on the ground etc. & will circulate links to resources & information – see below. They have a dedicated page to keep up-to-date information as received.

2)     ICMA missions are encouraged, and most are, making free phone cards, internet, etc. available for Filipino seafarers to contact families. Mission to Seafarers, AoS, and Sailors’ Society were in communication immediately with their missions. ISWAN have secured grants to assist in the funding of free communication services for seafarers.

3)     Chaplains around the world are mobilized to offer a friendly ear and to talk to concerned seafarers who are worried about family and friends. Seafarers are encouraged to call mission centers. Many shipping companies are making extra opportunities to allow seafarers the time to talk.

4)     ICMA is coordinating the efforts of ICMA members.

5)     All are asked to encourage seafarers who may need to talk about their concerns to contact either SeafarerHelp helpline 0080073232737 or to contact the various missions in the respective ports. ICMA is updating the directory when information is received.

RESOURCES AVALIABLE: The following online resources are available for organizations and seafarers who need further information :

More information will be posted as received.

ICMA Northern Europe Region is meeting in Helsinki

ICMA2013ICMA chaplains from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Poland and Germany are holding their regional conference in Helsinki/Finland these days. Yesterday a theological reflectionof the work and an introduction to cruise ships and cruise ship ministry was on the agenda. Today the focus is on MLC 2006 and a visit to the port of Tallin in Estonia.