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Uncle Shin

Reverend Yueh Han Chuang

Uncle Shin, an old salt, loves the blue sea and the blue sky.  Yet his recent homecoming changed all that:  all he remembers from sailing home alone on his son’s boat is the relentless blue.    

PCT Seamens Service Center

The July 2012 Newsletter of the P.C.T Seamen’s/Fishermen’s Service Center in Taiwan relates the bitter story of a fisher and father’s tragic life.

Uncle Shin’s son, A-chang, was a fisher too.  But tragedy struck when A-chang’s  second child died and his newborn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  Six feet and four inches tall in his boots, A-chang was a self-respecting breadwinner, and refused to be defeated by his hard luck.  He simply sailed farther and farther to find fish.  Until, one day, communication was lost.  Four days later the ship was found, abandoned, and A-chang missing.  An investigation ensued.  Finally, foreign fishers owned up to having murdered A-chang and dumping his body in the sea.

The PCT Seamen’s / Fishermen’s Service Center provided what comfort it could muster, helping the family to seek compensation and welfare support. Pastor Cheng and the local church stood by them through the ordeal.

Uncle Shin will, no doubt, return to sea to ply his trade.  We pray that he may learn again to love the blue planet of God’s creation, and to put aside those empty days of repatriating his beloved son’s boat.  If Uncle Shin, a simple dad, would not leave his son’s property abandoned, much less would God abandon us.

Honour the men and women on fishing vessels

Monday, November 21st is International Fishers Day.  In a statement the Chairman of ICMA, Douglas B. Stevenson of the Seamen’s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey, welcomes the day as an opportunity to highlight the contributions of the millions of men and women who work on fishing vessels around the world.

Stevenson urges consideration for the very difficult conditions of fishers and calls for support of the efforts of the ICMA Member Societies who serve them.

Here is the full text of the statement of ICMA’s Chairman, Douglas B. Stevenson: Continue reading Honour the men and women on fishing vessels

Remember World Fishers Day 21 November 2011

Fishers plying their trade. Source: R.N.M.D.S.F.

Fishing is among the world’s most ancient and most dangerous trades.

Some ICMA folk dedicate the 21st of November to fishers.  The World Fishers Day campaign aims at highlighting the plight of fisherfolk to the public and to further their advocacy for fishers’ rights.  ICMA members the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishers, PCT Seamen’s / Fishermen’s Service Centre, Biblia and the Apostleship of the Sea all have ministries directed at fishers and fisher-families.  Other ICMA members now regularly meet foreign fishers on international fishing vessels. Continue reading Remember World Fishers Day 21 November 2011