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Collaboration is key to ICMA

It became apparent once again that the members of the International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA) benefit from our Association when individual members share expertise and publicly support one another’s goals. Commodore David Dickens (The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishers), Alexander Campbell (Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest) and Reverend Hennie la Grange (outgoing general secretary […]

AOS speaks out on treatment of stranded fishermen

Maritime charity, the Apostleship of the Sea (AoS), has spoken out on the way seafarers and fishermen are treated when they run into problems with their UK visas.  These seafarers are never without the support of ICMA member, AoS Great Britain.  Recently four foreign fishermen, two Filipino and two Indonesian, were stranded in Newcastle, UK […]

Fishers struggle to make ends meet

Pastor Dirk Demaeght, who works with fishers in Belgium, alerts us of the plight of fisher families in these times of economic downturn. We must realize that, today, from a pastoral point of view, our fishery is bleeding! There are 7 vessels on the side because of financial difficulties. In some families the mountain of […]

Fishers feel the heat

Inspired by Pope Benedict XVI, Dirk Demaeght, AoS chaplain and advocate for fishers in Belgium and Europe, speaks out for fishers in the ecological debate. He has submitted a paper to the International Christian Maritime Association website’s Fishers page.   Drawing from the Bible, Catholic theology and the ecological debate, Demaeght says: It’s our mission […]

Fishers face difficulties

While the ratification of the Fishing Convention 188 is a long way off, fishers continue to face severe difficulties. Peter Snow from ICMA member the Seafarers Welfare Board of New Zealand, represented ICMA at a meeting on the welfare of fishers held in Bali on October 4th 2012.  The meeting was initiated by ICMA partners […]

Douglas B. Stevenson raises awareness and facilitates collaboration in Taiwan

Douglas B. Stevenson, Director, Center for Seafarers’ Rights and Chairman of ICMA, visited Taiwan to raise local awareness of seafarers’ and fishers’ port welfare needs, and to explore ways for government and industry to work alongside non-governmental organisations to provide seafarers’ welfare facilities and services.  Stevenson was hosted by the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs […]

Spiritual support, physical presence and justice for fishers: challenges for the ministry to seafarers

Ministry to seafarers faces three challenges:  a more pronounced spiritual dimension to the ministry, a stronger presence among seafarers and more emphasis on involvement with fishers especially as far as justice issues are concerned. Chris Viljoen,  port chaplain of ICMA member the Christian Seaman’s Organisation (CSO) working from the Port of Durban, South Africa, identified […]

Dealing with forced labour among fishers

Fishers are vulnerable to forced labour and human trafficking.  Father Bruno Ciceri will speak for fishers on our behalf at a meeting of the ILO to be held in Turin later this month to address injustices in the fishing industry. The International Christian Maritime Association has been invited by the United Nations’ International Labour Organisation […]

Uncle Shin

Uncle Shin, an old salt, loves the blue sea and the blue sky.  Yet his recent homecoming changed all that:  all he remembers from sailing home alone on his son’s boat is the relentless blue.     The July 2012 Newsletter of the P.C.T Seamen’s/Fishermen’s Service Center in Taiwan relates the bitter story of a fisher […]

Honour the men and women on fishing vessels

Monday, November 21st is International Fishers Day.  In a statement the Chairman of ICMA, Douglas B. Stevenson of the Seamen’s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey, welcomes the day as an opportunity to highlight the contributions of the millions of men and women who work on fishing vessels around the world. Stevenson urges […]



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