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Tour de Force: Julian Peter’s faces of seafarers

Career seafarer and photo journalist Julián Péter  has given us permission to publish his recent photo series

“Tour de Force”

featuring seafarers on his most recent contract.

We celebrate the human face of seafarers by publishing some of his striking photographs.



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Faces of the Sea

DOSF-logos #425 June 2013.  Day of the Seafarer.

Tributes to seafarers are being received from shipping companies, unions, international fora like the IMO and ILO, in fact from almost all who understand the invaluable role of seafarers in all our lives.

The 28 members of the International Christian Maritime Association, our seafarers’ centres and chaplains, committees, volunteers  and staff and the faith communities whom we represent, all of us applaud seafarers on this day.

We pray that you are safe.

We pray that your family life is happy.

We pray for your company, that your job is secure.

We pray that you will enjoy the fellowship of your faith family in every port.

We pray that you will experience fulfilment.

May you experience how close God is to you.


The members of ICMA are dedicated to your wellbeing.  Call on us if you need support or assistance.  We are there, in most ports of the world, to help you, or simply to be your friend.

The Liverpool seafarers’ Centre has sent us their contribution of seafarers’ faces in celebration of The Day of the Seafarer.  Faces of the Sea 2013 Liverpool


Seafarers are human too

Sea Faces 2Sea Faces 2013The IMO’s Day of the Seafarer 2013 campaign will reflect the human face of seafarers.

ICMA members have begun to participate by sending us photographs of seafarers plying their trade.  This photo is from Florin Garbea, Director of ICMA member LIFE International Ministries in Constantza, Rumania.  Florin himself visits ships and runs the local seafarers’ centre.  LIFE International will host this year’s ICMA Annual General Meeting in Bucharest.

This smiling seafarer affirms the positive attitude of seafarers who work to keep ships moving.  Seafarers are professionals. Seafarers are happy at doing their jobs.  Seafarers are a vital workforce.  Seafarers are real human beings.

Florin wrote:

Those pictures were taken in Constantza port this year, 2013, and remind us of the sacrifices that the seafarers make for all of us.  May God bless all seafarers around the world, their families and all the seafarers’ centres dedicated to the benefit of those who work on board.

The International Christian Maritime Association’s members continue to serve seafarers in every way we can.


Celebrating seafarers in Gdynia

International Day of the Seafarer 2011 honoured in Polish style

Maritime Church

The maritime world united to celebrate the International Day of the Seafarer, 25 June, in the Polish port of Gdynia. Representatives of the Maritime Board, the Maritime University, port authorities, trade unions, and seafarers and their families joined ICMA member AOS in honouring the contribution of seafarers and remembering their sacrifices.

Events began with Holy Mass in the Maritime Church. Fr Edward Pracz, who runs the Stella Maris centre in Gdynia, tells us, “during the Mass  we prayed for those who work  at the Sea and for all the people connected to the maritime trade”. Continue reading Celebrating seafarers in Gdynia

Day of the Seafarer takes shape

ICMA is part of an IMO initiative to celebrate an annual Day of the Seafarer on June 25th.

This year will see the first of these days.  The plan is to celebrate the day internationally at as many seafarers centres and in as many ports as possible.  ICMA members run almost 500 seafarers’ centres.  ICMA has observer status at the IMO.

The primary objective of the Day of the Seafarer is to highlight the hidden contribution that seafarers make to the world supply chain and the global economy.  The idea is to spread this message to as wide an audience as possible.  In addition we intend to convey our appreciation to all  seafarers for their tremendous contribution in our day to day lives and to show that we really do care for seafarers. Continue reading Day of the Seafarer takes shape

Day of the Seafarer, 25 June 2011


Seafarers being treated to a feast in Barcelona during the Seafarers Sports weekend

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) plans to celebrate the “Day of the Seafarer” on 25 June 2011.  It is set to become an annual event. As a non-governmental organisation member of IMO, ICMA participates in IMO deliberations and activities. 

ICMA Chairman, Douglas B. Stevenson, has written to the members of ICMA:

Naturally, ICMA was elated when the IMO designated 2010 as the “Year of the Seafarer” and later designated 25 June to be celebrated every year as the “Day of the Seafarer.”  I encourage your society to support the IMO sponsored events and participate in them to the fullest extent your society is able.

Stevenson urged ICMA members to consider more ways in which to celebrate the “Day of the Seafarer”.   READ MORE: Continue reading Day of the Seafarer, 25 June 2011