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Seafarers are human too

The IMO’s Day of the Seafarer 2013 campaign will reflect the human face of seafarers. ICMA members have begun to participate by sending us photographs of seafarers plying their trade.  This photo is from Florin Garbea, Director of ICMA member LIFE International Ministries in Constantza, Rumania.  Florin himself visits ships and runs the local seafarers’ […]


With the recent announcement by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) that “this year’s theme for Day of the Seafarer (25, June 2013) is ‘Faces of the Sea’”, ICMA invites you to send us images of seafarers.  IMO explained that this year the theme brings into focus to the unsung heroes of shipping:  seafarers.  It aims […]

It came by ship, and we cannot do without it…

    Our world cannot do without seafarers. The International Christian Maritime Association thanks seafarers for doing a great job. The members of ICMA pray for you always. May you be richly blessed in performing your daily task. May God keep you safe. May you and your loved ones come to know the firendship of […]

A pastor supported by ship owners

In our series of articles celebrating International Year of the Seafarer, Pastor Toon van der Sande describes how chaplains and ship owners can work together for seafarers. Every ship has an owner, responsible for the seafarers who work on his ship. Inside the companies, people have to care for seafarers, as seafarers have to take […]

International Year of the Seafarer 2010

Halfway through the year, we reflect on achievements and challenges Today we publish the fourth and fifth in our series of specially commissioned articles for the International Year of the Seafarer 2010.  As we reach the halfway point of the year, we should take a moment to reflect on what it means to ICMA and […]

A Chaplain’s Perspective …

Continuing our series of articles celebrating International Year of the Seafarer, 2010, Rev Johan Smith gives us a very personal reflection on his relationship with seafarers. It was Leonardo da Vinci that said that all our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions. Perceptions are the way we see the world and are constituted in […]

A disgrace

Chaplain Andrew Wright recently visited the Falkland Islands where he witnessed the contrast in conditions for fishers. While some are able to work in safety and dignity, others are less fortunate. This article is part of our series commissioned for 2010, International Year of the Seafarer. In the Falkland Islands, it is the start of […]

ICSW announces International Seafarers Welfare Awards

The ICSW will shortly be launching the International Seafarers Welfare Awards as part of the IMO’s International Year of the Seafarer.   The awards are designed to recognise excellence in seafarers’ welfare. There will be four categories: seafarer centre of the year, shipping company of the year, port of the year, and welfare personality of the […]

The welfare of seafarers is top priority

Roy Paul of the ITF Seafarers Trust delivered this opening address at the 5th Regional Welfare Committee Meeting of the South East Asia regional programme on behalf of the International Transport Workers Federation and the ITF Seafarares Trust. We publish the text here with Roy’s permission as part of our series of articles on the […]

Seafarers and Justice: a port chaplain’s story

Following our recent article by Canon Ken Peters on Justice for Seafarers, Rev Marge Lindstrom shares a real example of the role of port chaplains in defending the dignity of seafarers. “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love […]



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