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Featured ministry: Yokohama

Association for Seafarers' Mission JapanRev Lamberto Valino talks about the work of ICMA member the Association for Seafarers’ Mission in Japan. Rev Valino and his wife Angelita, who are originally from the Philippines, work together in the port of Yokohama.

Angelita and Lamberto Valino
Angelita and Lamberto Valino

We have been supporting the mission to foreign seafarers in Kanagawa, Japan, since September 2001. We have spent eight years plying in and out of the ports around Yokohama. We go onboard the ships regularly to find out about the work of seafarers. Their stories bear remarkable similarities: loneliness, friendship, finance, concern for their family’s future. Seafaring is a job that is physically and emotionally strenuous. Continue reading Featured ministry: Yokohama

Historic moment in Brazil

The ICMA Consultation which took place in Vitoria in November 2008 was an historic moment for ecumenism in Brazil. ICMA members reached an agreement on working together for seafarers. In future, maritime ministry in Brazil will be managed by an ecumenical committee representing all the ICMA members active in the region.

Delegates at the ICMA consultation in Vitoria
Delegates at the ICMA consultation in Vitoria

The agreement is the result of a long period of negotiation. This was brokered by Mr Douglas B. Stevenson, Director of Policy, Advocacy & Law of the Seamen’s Church Institute in New York, a co-opted member of ICMA.

Further meetings of the Brazil Committee will be held in 2009 with a regional conference planned for February 2010. The ICMA Executive Committee will be asked to consider accepting Brazil as an administrative region in its own right. This is due to the vastness of the country and its linguistic differences with its neighbours.

ICMA resolution on piracy

29 October 2008, Hong Kong

In response to recent acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia and in other parts of the world, the ICMA Executive Committee has drafted a resolution. The ExCom deplores the danger to seafarers and fishers of piracy and its long term effect on victims. They urge states and international bodies, including the ILO and IMO, to co-operate in combatting piracy and in caring for its victims and call for a resource centre for counselling and medical care. The ExCom pledges the support of ICMA in these initiatives.

The full text of the resolution is as follows: Continue reading ICMA resolution on piracy