Upon hearing of the devastation ICMA members and chaplains continue to increased efforts to be present in centers and ports when a ship arrives. The ICMA Directory has been updated as information is received, and coordination of relief efforts began almost immediately.

The following items of information will be helpful to all ICMA members and centers.

1)     ISWAN will coordinate the response effort and liaise with maritime medics, ministers, those on the ground etc. & will circulate links to resources & information – see below. They have a dedicated page to keep up-to-date information as received.

2)     ICMA missions are encouraged, and most are, making free phone cards, internet, etc. available for Filipino seafarers to contact families. Mission to Seafarers, AoS, and Sailors’ Society were in communication immediately with their missions. ISWAN have secured grants to assist in the funding of free communication services for seafarers.

3)     Chaplains around the world are mobilized to offer a friendly ear and to talk to concerned seafarers who are worried about family and friends. Seafarers are encouraged to call mission centers. Many shipping companies are making extra opportunities to allow seafarers the time to talk.

4)     ICMA is coordinating the efforts of ICMA members.

5)     All are asked to encourage seafarers who may need to talk about their concerns to contact either SeafarerHelp helpline 0080073232737 or to contact the various missions in the respective ports. ICMA is updating the directory when information is received.

RESOURCES AVALIABLE: The following online resources are available for organizations and seafarers who need further information :

More information will be posted as received.