Warning: scammer preys on ICMA

The scammer targeting International Christian Maritime Association personnel has had some success in convincing several of you to send money.  Please protect your chaplains and centres by warning them.

Chaplains who are unaware of how International Christian Maritime Association’s internal procedures for transferring funds might work, are the most vulnerable.  Several of them have regretfully been caught and have lost much money.   As before, International Christian Maritime Association would urge you to please tell all your international contacts of the scam.  This fraudster is very shrewd, has much insider information and does not hesitate to call by phone to back up his claims.  He seems believable.

PLEASE DO NOT send any money to anyone before you have not confirmed with the Secretariat.

International Christian Maritime Association regrets that there is no way to stop this scam other than making every effort to warn you. It is despicable that he targets unsuspecting victims who by virtue of our fellowship in faith are keen to support one another in distress.

Most recent development

The scammer has now started to target shipping companies and other contacts of ICMA in the maritime industry.  ICMA apologises to all its contacts and partners for the inconvenience. Please proceed with utmost caution, and do not send any money.