odessa sculpture

Black Sea, Mediterranean and Middle East Region Conference expresses concern for access to seafarers

The ICMA Regional Conference is taking place in Odessa, Ukraine.  Thirty chaplains from the region are gathered to network and to discuss experiences, challenges and achievements encountered in ministry to seafarers.

From the port reports it is immediately apparent that access to seafarers is a recurring problem.  Chaplains’ access to port facilities and ships is restricted and in some cases prohibited. To counter these restrictions in Ukraine, stakeholders in the port of Odessa have signed a memorandum of understanding that will hopefully lead to a Port Welfare Committee here.  PWC’s are expected to forge relationships, enhance understanding and enable collaboration.  Port Welfare Committees have been established elsewhere in the region, including Barcelona and Genoa, to positive effect.

Privatisation of Ukrainian port facilities poses both threats and opportunities to renegotiate permission to access. The ignorance of port authorities should be addressed:  chaplaincy is not generally understood.  Tatyana Tarasysk urged Ukrainian chaplains to consider Port Welfare Committees as an instrument to inform and to the attract support.

The ICMA Regional Conference in Odessa takes place with the generous support of the ITF Seafarers Trust.  The Regional Conference, originally planned for 2012, was postponed to 2013 due to the busy conference schedule among ICMA’s members, including the AoS World Congress of November 2012.