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In the beginning…

Bernard Vincent (AoS) and Terry Simco (QVSR. They were there from the beginning.

A short history and some updated information on the International Christian Maritime Association at present has been published on the ABOUT ICMA page.

Members of the Association have indicated that they needed information on the origins and objectives of ICMA.  Such information could be put to good use, it was thought, to teach newly joining personnel about the Association.  A previous document has now been updated and published on this website.

The short history relates the run-up to the August 1969 Rotterdam Consultation.  Initiated from North America and with full support of the World Council of Churches and the Holy See, Protestants, Catholics and several non-religious organisations, including the Rotterdam Port Authority, gathered in Rotterdam to consult on ways to respond to the welfare needs of seafarers.  It was a momentous occasion,  leaving commentators in awe of the work of the Holy Spirit.  A previously unheard of level of collaboration ensued, and the International Christian Maritime Association was born.

ICMA continues to be a miracle of Christian unity in a divided family of faith.  ICMA excels in its celebration of unity in diversity.  Mutual respect and tolerance ensure the cohesion of the Association even at the present time, as strategic review explores new horizons for our faith community.

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Mission and Vision

Mission - ICMA is called to promote unity, peace and tolerance. ICMA works ecumenically, showing unconditional love to all seafarers regardless of nationality, religion, culture, gender or ethnic origin. ICMA respects their personal values and beliefs. ICMA cooperates with institutions to advance maritime welfare.

Vision - The International Christian Maritime Association will become the pre-eminent ecumenical and professional association of maritime ministries seeking to strengthen its Members’ maritime ministries for seafarers’ well-being.


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