Crewtoo: a new social network for seafarers

Headland Media has launched Crewtoo, a new social networking site for seafarers. 

Like Facebook and Twitter, Crewtoo invites seafarers to create their own profiles.  Seafarers will be able to search for other seafarers by ship, rank or company and post updates to their wall.  The network will provide a platform for online chat and for seafarers to participate in Crewtoo-led polls, games and quizzes.  But unlike these other sites, Crewtoo has been designed with seafarers in mind:  seafarers do not have constant internet access on board.  To keep them up to date with activity on the network,  the site allows seafarers to post updates to their Crewtoo page by e-mail from their ship, and to receive a weekly round-up of activity on their page by e-mail.

Headland Media also operates NewsLink, Walport and Crew Media Player.  It had polled seafarers on their specific needs for a bespoke network.  It started out as an e-mail based community of over 1,700 members with a growth rate of 7 new members per day, and with 10 per cent participating in weekly polls.

Mark Woodhead, MD at Headland Media said:

“We believe these seafarers need more attention, more services, and an increased ability to communicate with each other. We have developed Crewtoo to be both ‘a club’ and ‘a service provider’ to seafarers, with the internet and e-mail being the key to this.”

ICMA members appreciate the value of social media sites for seafarers.  Online communities could help to counter the loneliness and isolation of seafarers.  We therefore welcome this online network’s collaboration with seafarers to offer a bespoke service.  Several of ICMA’s members and international partners have joined social networking sites to reach seafarers with services and information. ICMA too has a facebook page.