Collaboration on Seafarers Mental Health

Source: Wikimedia Commons

ICMA affiliated organisations the Stella Maris Centre and the Mission to Seafarers Victoria in the Port of Melbourne, Australia, have collaborated with the Rotary Club, the Melbourne Port Welfare Association and beyondblue, a national initiative dealing with depression, to set up a website on the mental health of seafarers.

The website contains background information on mental health and tools for dealing with mental health concerns.

The website states:


Mental illness among seafarers is of growing concern and it is believed that mental health problems may contribute to many other physical health conditions that seafarers experience.   Due to the nature of their work, seafarers are often separated from their families and support networks for long periods of time and may feel very lonely.  The fast turnaround times of modern ships often result in limited time for shore leave.  Seafarers who are severely depressed, thinking of suicide or self harm may not tell their fellow crew members because mental illness is not discussed openly in their cultures.   It is hoped that the information on this website will give Masters information needed to identify crew members at risk and help depressed seafarers on their ships.

The website contains downloadable booklets on the mental health of seafarers in English, Russian and Chinese.   CLICK HERE to download the booklets.