The “Knit before Christmas”

The Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) of New York and New Jersey has appointed Paige Sato as the new Program Manager for its 112-year-old volunteer knitting program, Christmas at Sea.

Paige Sato
Paige Sato

And so preparations for Christmas 2010 begin in earnest.   Many ICMA members visit ships bearing gifts at Christmas.  And many of those gifts will be beanies and scarves lovingly knitted by scores of people who want nothing less than to demonstrate the warm heart of God’s coming in Jesus Christ.

Paige Sato is no different.  She zealously supports charitable causes.  And Paige co-owns a knitting store in Montclair, NJ.

The Reverend David M. Rider, SCI President & Executive Director, says: “Paige brings incredible personal energy, life experience, and entrepreneurial skills.”

Paige began knitting at Colby College, where she endured what she characterizes as “insanely long bus trips.” She played varsity women’s ice hockey at Colby, and one of her teammates taught her to knit.

Sato enthuses about her new appointment, which ties her keenness for knitting with public service. She says:

“The possibilities are endless. All the aspects of the organization—from the maritime education, to the advocacy, to the ministry and hospitality—serve such a great need, and I think I can really help advance the organization’s mission through the Christmas at Sea program.”

To read more from SCI’s new Program Manager, Paige Sato, visit the SCI’s Christmas at Sea knitter’s blog.