United Nations Organisation report cites ICMA's resolution on piracy

The United Nations flag. Source: Wikicommons

The Secretary General of the United Nations has cited ICMA’s resolution on piracy in a report to the General Assembly of the United Nations Organisation.

ICMA chairman, Douglas B. Stevenson, addressed the Meeting of States Parties to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea last June at UN Headquarters in New York.  Douglas Stevenson called attention to the need to provide for seafarers who have been affected by piracy.  He highlighted the ICMA resolution in his speech, and provided copies to the delegates and the UN Secretariat.

ICMA has since learned that ICMA’s resolution on piracy has been highlighted by the UN Secretary-General in his report to the UN General Assembly.

Paragraph 125 of report A/64/66/Add.1 states:

“The International Christian Maritime Association has adopted a resolution urging States and international bodies, including ILO and IMO, to work together to establish a resource centre for shipowners, seafarers and fishers on the availability of specialized counseling, medical care and other appropriate services for victims of piracy and armed robbery at sea.”

Follow the link to ICMA’s resolution on piracy to read the original text.