TK Foundation funds ICMA project

ICMA’s reason for being is our faith. Our vision is to serve seafarers. This is who we are and this is what we do. To be professional in our delivery of care is the goal that drives us. The outcome we seek is that seafarers retain their dignity. ICMA may be unique in its faith-based ministry but, in the pursuit of our broader mission, we are not alone.

J Torben Karlshoej
J Torben Karlshoej

The ICMA Secretariat and various members of the Association have recently forged closer ties with The TK Foundation. Besides supporting projects of individual ICMA members, the TK Foundation has for the first time aided an ICMA conference and training event: the ICMA Southern Africa Conference was aimed at training chaplains on the African seaboard in how best to support traumatized piracy survivors.

This came about because the TK Foundation’s focus and ICMA’s vision share certain core values of equity, dignity and security for seafarers.

The TK Foundation is a philanthropic foundation which was mandated by J. Torben Karlshoej, founder of Teekay Shipping, the forerunner of the Teekay Corporation. During his lifetime, J. Torben Karlshoej had a great affection and respect for seafarers. Continuing on JTK’s path of concern for the welfare of seafarers, the TK Foundation supports organizations that work for seafarers at the policy level as well as organizations that work directly with seafarers.

Since 2002, the TK Foundation has made over 130 grants amounting to more than $14 million dollars to organizations around the world who share its vision.  A priority among these is the health, safety and welfare of seafarers. It is hoped that ICMA and its members may make use of the TK Foundation as a vital resource for the delivery of professional care to seafarers.